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International Passive Income is dedicated to guiding you towards the most reliable and lucrative passive income programs on the internet today.

Without such guidance you may well stumble into an absolute minefield of cleverly designed investment scams and short-lived Ponzi schemes that can cost you dearly.  

It has been reported that over 95% of internet advertised investment programs, high yield schemes and business opportunities end up taking money from you, rather than providing you with the income you desire.

For a number of years we have been searching out the programs that really work, the tried and tested programs that are simply the best.  

However, it must be realised that virtually all internet-based programs have a finite lifetime and there are very few that last for a number of years.  Hence it is important to adopt a sound strategy that mitigates against program failures.  See Successful Strategies.

This site offers you the following types of program :

Established Programs -  reliable, well established programs offering excellent earnings from 5% to 50%+ per month.

New Programs -  these are the latest programs which are often in pre-launch and free to join.

High Yield Programs - the latest programs offering high yields from 30% to 100%+ a month.

Trading Programs - where you can earn money from programs that offer various forms of managed trading accounts and typically returns in the 5% to 25% a month range.

Members Area - an exclusive area containing some great private programs.  Click on Member Registration  first to register for access to the Members Area.

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E-Currencies - guidance on e-currencies, currency exchangers and other facilities.

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NOTE:  This site is intended for educational purposes only and the information provided should not be construed as offering advice or an inducement to join any of the featured programs. The decision to join any program is yours alone and due of the high yield/high risk nature of many of today's internet-based programs, it is important that any funds placed are funds that you can afford to lose. The statistics quoted for some of the featured programs are those obtained by the owner of this site and are provided only as an illustration of what can be achieved, rather than what each member can necessarily expect.